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119 W 72nd St.
NY, NY 10023
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Craig and RickNYNoise  is a music production company located in the heart of NYC's FLATIRON DISTRICT .. the center of the city's work force. Now the new home of long time NYN collaborator John Leventhal, NYN has re-invented itself after leaving it's 13 year tenure in the Meat Market.

rick wreckersDrawing on years of commercial and record production experience, partners Craig Bishop (executive producer) and Rick DePofi (creative director) started NY Noise in 1992. Our exceptional in-house talent, as well as an arsenal of creative partnerships enables us to continually grow our reputation as one of the more innovative crews on the music production scene.

mackieSo cruise the sight. Check out some of the music we've produced... and also some of the stellar talent who have been involved with our productions. With over 20 years of experience dealing with world class artists, several Grammy Awards, and a Platinum record or two, we continue to offer our own unique set of writing, arranging, and production skills in a setting that's relaxed for both artist and client alike.

rick NAME: Rick DePofi
TITLE: Creative Director
BIO: Surfer, Golf bumb, Composer, Producer, Engineer and multi-Instrumentalist... more>>
craig NAME: Craig Bishop
TITLE: VP & Exec. Prod.
BIO: Wasted his youth at a wildly successful music house before jumping into the international world... more>>

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