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about "Listening Booth"

1970 was a milestone for Marc – and for pop culture at large, given the unprecedented range of notable artists who made the charts that year. It was the momentous beginning of a new decade, and Cohn himself was moving closer to the precipice of young adulthood. The songs of that eventful year would stick with him forever, the way they would with anyone of a tender age just discovering the deeper meanings and life lessons – the romance, the sex, the sadness, the fun -- to be gleaned from a seemingly simple pop tune.

Collaborating with longtime producer-arranger-multi-instrumentalist and fellow Grammy Award winner John Leventhal, the pair went straight into NY NOISE Studio to see what they could do with some of their favorite tunes, and they left the tape rolling. Accompanied by engineer and producer Rick DePofi they invited in such guests as Aimee Mann, India Arie, Jim Lauderdale and up-and-coming vocal powerhouse Kristina Train.

At first, they considered digging up more obscure material, but Leventhal counseled Cohn to go with what he knew best: “I told him, you love great pop music, let’s just put it out there. They’re great songs, there’s a reason they were popular; let’s see if we can find our own unique versions of them. Let’s not copy them, let’s see if we can make it so that people feel they are hearing these songs for the first time.

“I’m singing in a different place in my voice on this record” says Cohn. “It was ultimately extremely liberating to just be the singer, not the songwriter, and to try to find the most interesting, unforced way to approach what we already knew were such beautifully written songs.

Now, Listening Booth:1970 ultimately brings Cohn back to where he began-- writing songs like ‘Walking In Memphis’ which spoke so eloquently about the transformative, healing power of music. Like that hit single, Listening Booth: 1970 is really the soundtrack to his life.



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