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about "These Four Walls"

these four wallsThe genesis of this record began in the greenhouse of the botanical gardens in Salt Lake City while getting ready for a show, summer 2004. For a little moment I felt like writing and threw down some lines, the beginning of what became “Summer Dress.” These were the first words I had written in three years.

The following January I went to New York and met with John Leventhal at his studio on 12th Street. John had some music that fit “Summer Dress”, and we also began “That Don’t Worry Me Now” and “The Bird."

John and I reconvened in NYC in May at New York Noise with shaman, engineer, hornman, percussionist Rick DePofi, and uber-drummer-of-doom Shawn Pelton. Recording commenced on the aforementioned songs and continued on and off throughout the year till we had “These Four Walls and Tuff Kid” as well as Paul Westerberg’s “Even Here We Are.”

I have such affection for the fall and winter weeks I spent at the Maritime Hotel, walking over to Gansevoort Street and working with John and Rick. We came to depend on Ritter Sport chocolate bars, dark and milk, mostly the coconut ones.

slc, June 2006

Shawn Colvin: acoustic guitar and vocals
John Leventhal: guitar, bass, keyboards, percusiion, mandolin, dobro, pedal steel
Shawn Pelton: drums, percussion
Rick DePofi: percussion, horns on "So Good To See You"
Patti Griffin: vocals on "Cinnamon Road"
Marc Cohn: vocals on "Cinnamon Road"
Teddy Thompson: vocals on "Let Slide"
Antoine Silverman: fiddle on "Tuff Kid"
Greg Leitz: pedal steel on "These Four Walls"




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